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How much does a DWI cost?

The monetary cost of a DWI in Texas is on a first offense up to $2,000.00 fine, on a second offense the fine can be up to $4,000.00 but what you typically see is the prosecutor is willing to lower the fine to $200 – 400.00, and the rest of its probated. So if you do probation and you complete your probation then the rest of it goes away.

Probation fees are $60.00 a month so if you’re doing probation you have to pay that fee every month to remain on probation.

Your license will have surcharges so you’ll have to pay $1000.00 on a first offense every year for three years in order to keep a driver’s license. It may seem like a really big expense at once but by hiring an attorney this DWI is going to stay on your record forever it never goes away if you’re convicted. So by hiring an experienced DWI attorney in San Antonio who’s focus is in San Antonio, who knows the courts here, who knows how the officers do here in San Antonio, you know you have somebody looking over your case and someone on your side during this very stressful time.