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How long does a DWI stay on your record?

If you are 21-years old and you’re convicted of a DWI first and then you’re 41-years old and you get a second one 20 years later it’s a DWI second. A third offense DWI in Texas is always a felony so if you get a third offense DWI 20 years later when you’re 61 that’s a felony DWI. So you want to try to fight this to keep it off your record so you don’t have the burden of DWI following you forever.

Another thing I see is people coming from states where after 10 years the DWI is no longer counter. Well, if Texas can get certified copies of the conviction of those, Texas will use those even if they’re over the limit for the other state. We use those to enhance to give you a higher level DWI.

It’s important to find an attorney who will fight for you because it’s never going to go off your record. If you have a San Antonio DWI and you get another one later on, it’s going to be used to enhance to a higher level DWI so you want to find somebody who’s going to fight it and try to beat it for you.