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Our Approach to defending your San Antonio DWI.

1. Gather the facts to establish the best way to defend your case.

After an arrest we encourage a person charged with a crime to immediately retain an attorney. The attorney-client privilege allows the client to have “full and frank” disclosure to their attorneys, who are then able to provide candid advise and effective representation.

The initial gathering of facts is critical in proceeding with any case because of the adversarial nature of the legal system. As such, once retained, we immediately enter an appearance to notify the court that you are represented and submit a request for discovery to the prosecuting agency.
In addition, we conduct investigations to gather information that may be used in trial to seek a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict for our client.


2. Use my Police experience in evaluating your case facts.

My prior law enforcement positions and extensive training allow me to analyze your case from the perspective of a defense attorney while looking for areas where the police deviated from acceptable practices.

Their is a distinct difference between evidence that has been gathered and evidence that may be used against you at trial. As an attorney that was previously a Field Training Officer and Watch Commander I am in a unique position to identify and argue motions to suppress evidence that may be used against you. The benefit of suppressing evidence that was unlawfully obtained is that it weakens the prosecutions case and increases the chances that the case will be dismissed prior to trial!

3. Negotiate for the best while always preparing for Trial.

No one wants to risk the uncertainties of a trial if the case can be dismissed or the charges drastically reduced.
As facts are being gathered and motions to suppress are decided, we negotiate for the best outcome for our client while always preparing for the possibility of trial.

In my experience prosecutors will not dismiss or reduce a case until just prior to trial. This allows them to completely evaluate the case and decide on the chances of reaching a conviction. This is the primary reason that fact gathering, analysis of the case, and seeking motions that weaken the prosecutions case are critical to reaching an advantageous outcome prior to trial.