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How do DWI Breath and Blood test work?

The way breath and blood alcohol tests work let’s start with the breath test. You blow into this machine and it’s called an intoxilyzer, depending on where you’re at it could be the 5,000 it could be another model. Well, you blow into this and the general consensus is your breath leaves your body at 34 degrees Celsius and as you blow into it, it passes your breath molecules through an ultraviolet light to measure the number of alcohol molecules.

Now blood is a little different. When you have a blood test, they will draw your blood, they’ll draw two vials of it and they will send it out to the lab. They have a procedure they go through but they test your blood to find out the alcohol content that was in it.

In both the breath and blood there’s a lot of areas for mistakes you just need to know where to look for them. And that’s what we do we look for the areas where error could be made in the testing of your breath or your blood sample.