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Can you get deported for a DWI?

I have clients that come to me who are either a green card holder, a permanent resident or they don’t have a green card and they have a DWI charge and they’re worried about being deported. And one of the questions they ask me is will this DWI charge get me deported? You can be deported if you have more than five years of total time that you’ve served in your lifetime. And that can be for any kind of crime it doesn’t have to be a DWI. If you had any other convictions throughout your life they’ll look at that and then once you hit the five year mark you’re at risk of being deported for it.

If you’re at risk of being deported then you want to contact an experienced DWI attorney and one of the things that we’ll do is we will actually have an immigration attorney look over the facts of your case to get an opinion letter from them stating what we need to do to lessen your risk of being deported.